K Liquid

Victory in the quest for the ultimate vape

A victory like this takes time and dedication. At eKarma we have over 25 years’ experience of supplying high quality rolling papers, filter tips and rolling machines.

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Victory for Vapers
KLiquid Cocktail

It’s cocktail time...

So initiate yourself into the devilish art of vaping mixology. Mix with the crème de la crème of the vaping fraternity by mixing your own irresistible cocktail combos. It’s all the rage in the Big Apple right now. And with K-Liquids, even the novice vaper can get cocky with their cocktails in no time!

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Customer Reviews

“My friends and I have tried many other eliquids from various shops and/or the internet. We all prefer the blend and taste of K Liquid menthol.”

Lisa N

“After much pressure from family, colleagues and well wishers, eKARMA has allowed me to finally give up conventional smoking”

Ronald B

“K Liquid apple, Do I recommend it? Yes! Is my mouth still watering? Yes!”

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