Victory for Vapers

Victory in the quest for the ultimate vape.

A victory like this takes time and dedication.

At eKarma we have over 25 years’ experience of supplying high quality rolling papers, filter tips and rolling machines.

What this means is that we also know exactly where to look when it comes to sourcing the ultimate electronic cigarettes and liquids.

That’s why we bucked the current trend, not by making for the Far East and the fast buck, but by heading West to unearth the slow burn of real vaping satisfaction.

Here, armed with our extensive industry experience and knowledge, we teamed up with a specialist US company which had spent years researching and developing their own unique disposable ecigarette along with the flavours developed in partnership with their supplier.

Which means that the victory, in the end, is all yours.

And it’s a victory that no one can deny.

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