e-KARMA Disposable Electronic Cigarette Regular  1
e-KARMA Disposable Electronic Cigarette Regular


Our best-selling disposable electronic cigarette, eKARMA regular delivers over 40 cigarettes equivalent.

Working with our partners in the USA we have developed a great tasting e-cigarette, which offers real value with no reduction in quality and reliability.

Our product is flown into the UK, rather than shipped, to ensure it reaches the customer as fast as possible, in perfect condition.

eKarma disposable e-cigarettes, the future of smoking: refined, improved and enhanced by the power of vaping.

With a disposable e-cigarette nothing burns, you inhale vapour, not smoke, making it an ideal alternative for smokers seeking a better way to satisfy their nicotine cravings. With an e-cigarette there is no odour, no ash and no tar.

Furthermore, with a disposable e-cigarette you will be less likely to face the restrictions that are usually placed on smokers out in public. No longer will you be banned from smoking indoors or outside of designated smoking areas.


No charge required – ready to ‘smoke’.

Equivalent to over 40 cigarettes.

Available in 8mg or 18mg nicotine level.


Red tipped LED light illuminates when you draw on the cigarette.

eKARMA disposable e-cigarettes require no assembly.


Propylene Glycol.




  1. Remove rubber cap from end of e-cigarette.
  2. Remove sticker from side of e-cigarette.
  3. Smoke as you would any cigarette.

1 x e-cigarette. Regular strength 18mg nicotine.


SKU: E500-E


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