It's cocktail time

It’s cocktail time

So initiate yourself into the devilish art of vaping mixology.

Mix with the crème de la crème of the vaping fraternity by mixing your own irresistible cocktail combos. It’s all the rage with the vaping scene in the Big Apple right now. And, with your own devilish creations, you’ll come across as a true aficionado of the art. Sound difficult? Not a bit of it. With K-Liquids, even the novice vaper can get cocky with their cocktails in no time. And, as well as acquiring that aura of sophistication, you’ll also be able to tailor your cocktail concoctions to the particular predilections of your taste buds! To get you started here’s just a small selection of our flavour favourites…


The Timeless One.

Replace that chocolate cake with a chocolate vape! This rich blend is for those with a sweet tooth and an incorrigible taste for sheer indulgence. It says ‘Spoil me, indulge me, pamper me and I’ll still come back for more…

Chocolate Vanilla. 70% chocolate with 30% vanilla.


The Classic.

The Roaring Twenties, the age of the flapper, is back but with K-Liquids you can be a 20s flapper or her Gatsbyesque beau without any hint of a flap! The infusion of cherry is sexy and suggestive while the menthol provides an undertone of unflappable cool…

Cherry Menthol. 50% cherry and 50% menthol.


The Modern Classic.

A true taste of summer whatever the season but with the cooling breeze of menthol to keep those temperatures down. Hot yet cool…. in vaping as in life, it’s the most irresistibly alluring combination!

Strawberry Menthol. 50% strawberry with 50% menthol.


The Milkshake.

This blend is all juke joints, neon, big fins, ducktails, beehive hairdos and milkshake, rattle and roll! But don’t be misled by the seeming prom night innocence of this ravishingly retro combination. It conceals hidden depths…

Strawberry Vanilla. 80% strawberry and 20% vanilla.